An introduction…

Hello there,

Margot and Barbara is the distillation of many hours spent trying to make sense of my giant, sprawling list of interests. I’m a scanner. Multipotential. Dilettante. Whatever. What that means is that I will never find the perfect job, never settle down to just one thing. Never grow up. I’ve spent a long time and wasted a lot of tears trying to find the ONE thing that I was meant to do, but at the ripe old age of 35 (nearly!) I am at peace with myself. I’m fine. Great, in fact.

The initial reason for this is that a few years ago, I was given a magazine article by my sister in law. It was called “What Do I Do When I Want to Do Everything?”  and was my first introduction to the work of Barbara Sher ( ) and my start on the journey towards accepting and loving being a scanner. I did grow up, get married and have two amazing children, and I’m still a scanner. There is no one thing. It’s just who I am – and that is actually a brilliant truth. Without the endless hunt for the one true thing that I should do for the rest of my life, I am actually free to pursue as many things as I like, and enjoy the process of discovery and learning for its own sake, not just in case it should be my career. Life is pretty long. We’re always being told that it’s short, but I plan to be around for at least 50 more years. That’s half a Century of discovery! It’ll do.

There are loads of great resources on the internet for folk like me (and you?) if you look for it. I suspect you already have. One site I came across recently is which I think is awesome, especially for those of you who are wondering if you’re a scanner too. The scanner community is a friendly one.

Many scanner sites are run by incredible twenty-somethings who are having the time of their life. I am somewhat different, a bit older and a parent with a giant mortgage on a tiny house…

So this blog is going to be about:

  • Balancing motherhood with a scanner personality. Being a great mother is the most important role I could ever play and it comes before everything else, but I also need to embrace my scanner self. Combining the two is often a challenge!
  • A chronicle of activities, hobbies, passions, studies as I discover or continue enjoying them.
  • The quest to potentially turn some of my interests into money making enterprises, whilst at the same time, keep a roof over our heads.
  • Links to other scanner sites and helpful scanner stuff.

I guess for those of you not familiar with old BBC comedy, I should explain the title of this site too. Margot and Barbara are the two female leads in my favourite sit-com, The Good Life, produced by the BBC in the 1970’s.  Take a look here: They’re neighbours and friends, but polar opposites. Margot is a social climber who loves the finer things in life and Barbara is trying to become self-sufficient. Many of us have played that game “Which Friends character are you most like?” Well, this is my interpretation of that. In listing out all my interests, passions, work and hobbies, I realised that I am basically both Margot and Barbara. Haute Couture? Yes. Allotment gardening? Also yes. So, here it is.

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