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September 1, 2011

Paper Dress Vintage, Leeds

I often struggle with vintage shopping. There are two main causes for this. My top half and my bottom half! It is a sad truth that we are generally larger than our 1920’s and 30’s counterparts, and even with the best will in the world, I cannot change my shape enough. Plus, my love of cake is too great to whittle my waist down to the required size. Ah well…

The other problem I often have with vintage shopping is that although I do like a rummage around vintage shops and antique markets, sadly I rarely get the time to spend hours doing so, and it’s a bit disheartening to find myself looking through row after row of tired old tracksuits when I do get the chance for a browse.

Luckily, I have found a new solution to this. Paper Dress Vintage has just opened a store in Leeds, and after a visit there yesterday I can tell you that it wins on all counts. Firstly, the store is light and open, so no more hunting around stale old dusty corners. The pieces of clothing are of great quality, nice and clean and really well priced. Most of the items I saw were from the 1940’s onwards, with a good selection of day and evening wear. The staff are lovely and helpful, and, rather wonderfully (along with Rebel Pin Up, a great-looking hairdressers) they’re open until 7pm! So, needless to say, I accidentally bought a dress.

1960's shift dress

Waffle fabric detail

And here's a not-very-flattering self-portrait!

Quite when I’m going to wear a powder blue 1960’s shift, I’m not sure and I have yet to work out how I’m going to style it (all ideas welcome!), but for £25, I couldn’t leave it behind. If you’re in Leeds, pay a visit to this great store. You never know, we might bump into each other…