Fashion Maths: A few failures.

I’ve talked recently about  few of my Fashion Maths successes. Sadly, it’s now time to share my failures. Basically all my fashion failures are down to one reason and one reason only: the inability to see the different between My Real Life and My Fantasy Life…

My Fantasy Life is a place of parties, sunshine (except on a fabulous winter ski trip) and high heels. I traipse around in a fog of loveliness surrounded by kittens, cupcakes, fluffy clouds and afternoon tea. I have innate chic, an unlimited budget, no fixed schedule and perfect hair.

My Real Life is a place of deadlines, school timetables, tight budgets, Cheerios, lost socks, headaches and curly hair that basically does what the hell it likes with no thought for me what-so-ever.

Which means that my worst fashion failures (apart from the ones where I’ve bought something a size too small to diet into, we all know how well THAT goes) are when I’ve shopped for parties, not the school run; for afternoon tea, not a hectic breakfast eaten stood by the kitchen sink, whilst pleading with my daughter to ‘please, please for the last time put on your socks’ or for dinner out in stylish restaurants instead of dashing to the supermarket before getting the number 40 bus.

So, bye- bye McQ little black dress, farewell orange platform heels and au revoir giant Aviator sunglasses. I am trading you in for things that work in My Real Life. This is not to say that I am giving up on glamour, not at all. It’s just that I will wear sequins on a jumper that I can pair with jeans, instead of on a party dress. My fabulous shoes will be of a height I can walk in. I will wear my other, more sensible sunglasses on my long-awaited -for-and-bloody-hard -earned trip to Rome (in April…which I wish would just HURRY UP).

Plus, selling some of the clothes from My Fantasy Life will help to pay for a glittery jumper and a fabulous pair of flats. A success then, in the end.


2 Responses to “Fashion Maths: A few failures.”

  1. My big Fashion Maths Failure is a lovely pair of (reduced, but still expensive) New Rock Boots, with a Steampunk feel to them, with springs in the heels and so on… and about half a size too small. I trod them in at home for a week or two, before wearing them to a Festival in Germany. After a whole day of bouncing around in them, I could barely walk!

    Since then, I’ve only worn them for an evening at a time, and then only a couple of times ;-/


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