Fashionable Ways to Keep Cosy.

As the weather has turned colder, I’ve started the hunt for the perfect jumper. Which needs to be cosy and yet not make me look like a Yeti. A tall order. On my last trawl around town, I found way too many cropped or short sleeved jumpers. I will NEVER understand the allure of a cropped jumper. I have no idea (beyond the obvious) what my poor stomach has done to deserve being left out in the cold. I also need long sleeves, there is nothing cosy and comforting in cold arms.

Here are a few that fit the bill:

Emma Cook embellished sweater

I love the slim line of this one, the embellishment ( a bit of sparkle!) and, as it’s merino wool, it’ll be wonderfully warm.

Paul and Joe Sister sweater

Again, slim line, long, and embellished. How could you fail to feel happy wearing this one?

J Crew sweater

I don’t subscribe to the view that horizontal stripes necessarily make you look fatter. They do make you look stripy…(this is paraphrased from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a favourite show from my college years). This one is in a great colour combination and is reassuringly long.

J Crew sweater

Again by J Crew, this cable knit is a classic.

So, that’s my jumper choices sorted out. Now all I need is a fall of snow, a roaring fire, a cashmere blanket and a steaming mug of Pierre Hermé hot chocolate and I will have a winter fit for a fashion shoot.

All items available from Net A Porter and thanks to them for all images.


2 Comments to “Fashionable Ways to Keep Cosy.”

  1. Loving the J Crew one. I’m seriously craving cashmere this year but need to persuade other half of my need to spend that much on a jumper that the tiny peeps will probably destroy…

    • I know how you feel. So many of my clothes have been ruined by my lovely son hanging from them! Still, a girl can dream of cashmere. Plus, half of my clothes are on Ebay, so you never know, I might even be able to afford one…or a sleeve, at least 🙂

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