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November 22, 2011

7 Secrets.

I must have done a marvellous job of answering the last meme (which I’ve looked up, since my last one : an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture), because I have received a blog award!

Thank you Rhiannon! (@The_Last_Slayer)

To receive the award, I now have to share 7 secrets about myself. There is little that the people in my life don’t already know about me, but for the benefit of folk who read this who haven’t known me all that long, here we go:

1: I have a degree in Equine Science. As you can imagine, outside of the specialist industry, it’s not massively helpful as a career booster, but the three years I spent studying it gave me a husband, some of my best friends (who I am very bad at visiting, sorry girls xx) and some of the best memories I’ll ever have.

2: I have two favourite novels – ‘War and Peace’ and ‘I Capture The Castle’. I Capture The Castle has become a bit of a cliche as so many famous women list it as a favourite. I feel as though they stole it from me! It’s the perfect bittersweet coming-of-age novel which I read time and time again, I cannot wait to share it with my daughter. I don’t talk about War and Peace as much because people think I’m trying to be clever. I’m not. Yes, it is a huge book, but it reads like a soap opera and it makes me so sad that people are scared of it. Give it a go, it’s truly an amazing book.

3: One of my worst vices is my magazine addiction. I have been known to buy 30 magazines in a month, on a variety of subjects including fashion, horses, gardening, travel, antiques, food and surfing. One of my favourite memories from being young is a day off school (due to strikes – nothing changes!) and spending my pocket money on a can of 7Up and a copy of Vogue. So, from a very young age I’ve been addicted to the glamour and artistry of the fashion industry, which means I know far more about it than my appearance suggests!  On occasion, it’s proved very useful. I once won hundreds of dollars in Australia on a back-packing trip by knowing what Coco Chanel’s real name was. None of the other students had a clue. PS – I only bought that surfing magazine once…

4: I am a qualified massage therapist. I never get to practice because my husband hates it. I like to think that it’s not just because I’m rubbish…

5: When I was 14, I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do with my life. I used to carry it around and look at it, without every really doing anything about making any of them happen. (The start of my life as a scanner, clearly!)  It never occurred to me at the time, that I’d need about ten lifetimes to get through it all, not to mention some serious wealth. I finally realised that and threw it away, but I often think about it, and have subsequently written a proper Bucket List (which, for now, remains a secret!) Now I carry that around without doing anything about making any of it happen. This has got to change.

6: I once spent the equivalent of my monthly mortgage payment on a pair of shoes. I don’t regret it.

7: For a brief, shiny (but quite frankly, starving) moment last summer, I wore size 8 jeans. Now, I am a rounder but less angry size 12. It turns out there are a lot more important things to me than being really thin. The jeans are going to a car boot sale. Having said that, I remain eternally optimistic that one day I will be able to balance my desire to be a bit thinner with my desire for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Now, I have to pass this challenge and award on: so I am going to pass it to @Minibreakmummy!