This isn’t a true blog post. Well, I mean, it is, because it’s here, but it’s really a scheduling agreement that I am making with myself with you as my witnesses.

I’ve been struggling a bit to find the time to write here and this is my solution. A bit less ad-hoc posting and a bit more scheduling. After all, it’s how I manage the rest of my life so this shouldn’t really be any different. I’ve still got to work out quite how other people who write blogs manage to do so much. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are not many who have young children AND work full time. It’s one or the other, or perhaps part time hours. Also, I don’t want to be doing things in life purely so I can write about them here. This is a blog about my life, not a work of fiction, so in order for it to be authentic, I have to spend time doing the things I want to do so that I have something to write about!

Anyway, here is my solution. I will post between three and four times a week.

  • Monday will be a post on parenting/Family Sunday/weekends/35:35 Challenge.
  • Wednesday will be henceforth known (in my mind anyway) as ‘Barbara Wednesday’. On this day I’ll write about all the things that I’ve categorised as being ‘Barbara’. See the list of previous posts to know what I mean. Or cast your mind back to The Good life. Whichever is easier.
  • In the same vein, Friday is now ‘Margot Friday’.
  • If I have taken a photo during the week that is good enough to sum up my week without any title or caption (because those are the rules!) then I will do a Silent Sunday post, because it’s a beautiful thing. To learn more about Silent Sunday, click on the box on the right.

As my 35:35 Challenges could be classed as either Barbara or Margot categories, I reserve the right to talk about a Challenge on Wednesday or Friday accordingly, and also there is bound to be some cross-over. The categories are to make life simpler and were used to help me sort out my scanner brain, but they’re not iron clad. I am human after all…

So, there we go. This is what you can expect from this site now, and what I can expect of myself. Thanks for sticking around for this long, and I hope you’ll be back for the first Barbara Wednesday post a bit later today.

2 Comments to “Scheduling”

  1. For some reason, I managed to read your last sentence as hoping you’ll be back for the first Barbara Windsor post a bit later! Must clean and shine my eyes!!!

    It’s a good idea though. I have no idea how anyone else manages to fit in their blogging, as I’m struggling and theoretically, I should be able to post oodles of stuff as I’m on maternity leave!

    • Ha ha – Barbara Windsor post…imagine the content!

      I do think it’s the only way I’m going to realistically stay on top of this as well as everything else…we’ll see how I get on, eh?

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