A Massage at Home

I’m posting this on ‘Margot Friday’, because a massage at home is undoubtedly a luxury. However, given that I am seeking non-medical ways to manage my stress, it feels like a justifiable one. Plus, it’s still cheaper than a few drinks, cigarettes or drugs, some of the other things people use to prop themselves up through their stress and significantly more beneficial.

As a qualified therapist myself, I completely and unreservedly believe in the power of massage. It has worked for me on many occasions in the past, including throughout and after both of my pregnancies.  So, I knew that I wanted to go back to massage to help me through this period of stress too.

I had never even considered a home based massage as an option when I asked the power of Twitter to recommend someone for me, and the lovely Gemma Brown stepped forward. Gemma says that many of her clients are mothers of young children, which completely makes sense. We’re all exhausted and stressed and we can never leave the house. So asking someone to come to us is the perfect solution. An hour long massage would just fit into a toddler nap-time if you’re lucky, or the early evening after you’ve got the kids to bed, would be a good opportunity  to spend some time looking after yourself. Plus, it completely removes the only part of getting a treatment that I don’t like which is getting dressed and going out into the world afterwards. You can just stay in your dressing gown and only go as far as the sofa, or off to bed for a lie down, if you so prefer (and get the chance!)

I had an hour long massage, and Gemma concentrated on those areas which are notorious for holding stress – neck, back and shoulders. The rhythm and pressure of the massage together with the calming music she provided made it easy to drift off into a place of peace, where I stayed until it was time to get the kids from school. Even then, for the rest of the day and evening, I felt calmer and more rested and I slept really well.

So, a luxury, yes, but one that I think has real benefits, and one that I intend to return to.

2 Comments to “A Massage at Home”

  1. I would love to find a therapist to come to my house. Very difficult to get appointments due to childcare etc but to have someone come to me of an evening would be bliss. I love a massage & truly believe it can work wonders. Found your blog via Kate on Thin Ice. You have some lovely posts…away to read more now 🙂

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