Almost Haute Couture…

Those of you who have been here before will remember that I promised myself a blogging schedule that included a ‘Margot Friday’ post, about the rather more glamorous of my interests. So, what I am I doing talking about sewing then? Surely that is more of a Barbara kind of activity? When it is sewing up holes in old clothes and re-attaching buttons, that is.

When your sewing instructor asks you what, in your wildest dreams, would you like to create and you say ‘Haute Couture?’ it suddenly becomes a Margot activity. Even if I’m the one sewing it, there is nothing more luxurious than having something handmade and therefore unique.

On Wednesday I had the great pleasure to finally meet Abi Manifold from Sew You who designs and makes the most beautiful pieces – bunting, ipad cases, purses and all manner of pretty things. I highly recommend you take a look at what she has for sale here. She makes bespoke bunting too, which is my absolute favourite.

The other thing she does is teach people like me to sew. People who have never even sat in front of a sewing machine, let alone used one. I met Abi through the power of Twitter, which I am beginning to think has changed my life. The odd thing about Twitter is that we never get to meet many of the real people we chat to each and every day. I am lucky that I have already met two – and they’ve both been wonderful.

In her bright and colourful studio above the street in wet and windy Saltaire (where I’d appeared like the proverbial drowned rat, and been given restorative tea) she showed me everything I needed to know about a sewing machine, and let me loose. Despite my squeals, I did manage to keep in control of it, and had a great deal of fun in the process. Now my mind is spinning on all the things that apparently, I can make with my new skills. Not to mention what I will do with all the beautiful fabric that I’ve seen in the past and walked away from because I didn’t have a clue what I’d do with it. No more!

What it made me realise yet again, is that being unable to sew wasn’t due to my lack of innate ability, it was purely because no-one had ever taught me how. What I particularly liked about the session was that Abi asked me how I like to learn and then taught me in my preferred way. Her understanding of how we all like to learn in different ways makes her such a great, natural and empathetic teacher. Not to mention that she’s funny and warm so the conversation flowed really easily and I was stunned when the time was up. I hope to return to make a couple of pieces under her expert guidance, having come away from the session with a big smile, a sense of great optimism and lots of plans for clothing for myself and the kids.

‘Margot & Barbara Designs’…now there’s an idea!

Beautiful colours at Sew You

6 Responses to “Almost Haute Couture…”

  1. Love all those pretty threads its one of the things love when I open my sewing box seeing the aray of silk colours, sounds like you had a great time with a wonderfully creative lady. I’m definatly going to add your blog to my site and look forward to reading your posts. I don’t know how to become your follower as you have one of those fancy swipe sites let me know if you know how xxx

    • Thank you! It would be lovely to have you visit the blog again. I’m not sure how you follow if you can’t follow on the site. Although the blog is loved on Bloglovin’ so if you’re on that, you could follow that way. Or just come back again – I put my posts on Twitter so you can see them that way! x

  2. Hey margot, well wouldnt you know if i look on your blog on my ipad i get one of those swipe blogs to read where i have no way of adding you i fired up my old big box of a computer and re looked you up and your blog appears differently as a layed out sheet with all the right nuts and bolts of information so i can see everything so now i have added you and can now sit back adn enjoy reading your blog also your on my blog roll now to get a glass of wine and sit down and read

    • Glad it’s working ok, and I hope you find something of interest on here. It’s a pretty varied blog, which I suppose is a reflection on my life! I need to tidy up my blogroll and add lots of new people on here too…


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