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February 3, 2012

Little Luxuries.

I’m saving up for holidays, paying off debts and trying to keep myself cheerful just by thinking of the sunshine and beaches to come. These long grey January days, with no sunshine in sight, can leave me pretty gloomy. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to cheer myself up, without spending a lot of money. All too often it feels as though you have to spend money to indulge yourself, but really time and effort are more important.

Some of my favourite little luxuries:

  • A walk in the woods, especially now the snowdrops are in bloom. Even when it’s cold, they lift the spirits.
  • A crisp new edition of a favourite magazine.
  • Spending some time on the sofa with a newly chosen novel from my local library.
  • A small posy of flowers. I’ve tidied up my bedside cabinet and bought a small bunch of pink tulips. Just looking at them every morning cheers me up.
  • A few, good quality chocolates – these ones are chocolate BAFTAs! I went into Hotel Chocolat for my usual treat of Florentines and got distracted by these. At the moment, I cannot bear to eat them. That feeling won’t last…
  • A bubble bath without interruptions. A bit of peace is a huge luxury when you have small children.
  • A proper face to face chat with a friend. Preferably with the addition of cake or wine.
  • Making time to watch good quality television programmes. My current favourites: Borgen, Stella and New Girl.
  • Giving myself a manicure or pedicure with a bright, cheerful polish.
  • A home spa using all the little samples I’ve been collecting – I’ll have even more of these now I’ve signed up to Glossy Box and I will enjoy taking time to use and review everything they send me.

What are your little luxuries? I’d love to compile a list of things to choose from when I’m feeling gloomy and in need of cheering up without spending a fortune…