Theme Tune.

I went to the doctors today and during the course of our discussion she referred to me as ‘an older woman’. This young and impossibly glamorous GP made me feel dreadful, and although I laughed it off at the time, on my walk home, I was close to tears. I know I’m coming across as a bit of a drama queen but it was genuinely a shock. I feel as though I’m only just getting going with my life and here I was being written off as ‘older’.

So, I stuck my Ipod on, turned on shuffle, and miracle of miracles, my theme tune came on.

That’s right. I have a theme tune. It’s not my favourite song ever made – I’m not sure that I have a favourite. It is, however, the song that I choose when I want to pull myself together and get myself off the sofa. It’s the one that will be on the soundtrack of  the film of my life story, in which I will be played by Drew Barrymore. Or Kate Winslet. I need to decide before filming begins… I recommend a theme tune. It never fails to get me in a better frame of mind, more upbeat and positive. Helpful when people call me ‘older’, when I need to get off the sofa and into the gym, when I want to get working on one of my challenges.

The one  thing that her comment did do is to remind me of the swiftness of time. I am thirty-five. I will be thirty-six in June and I’m still only half way through my 35:35 Challenge. At this point I am fairly sure that I won’t make it to 35 Challenges by June. I have to say that I’m not terribly bothered by this. The point of the challenge was to get me out of a rut. It’s already done this.

Yesterday I signed up to Joel Runyon’s Impossible League. I love that it sounds like a group of super heroes. I’ve already changed my Bucket List to ‘A List of Impossible Things’ – which, unlike a static Bucket List, is a dynamic, ever-changing list of things, some of which are linked together. A good example of this might be a running goal, which starts at 5K and then ultimately might result in a marathon. As there is no limit on the variety of things that can be added to this list, it’s great for a scanner. I might even add my List of Impossible Things here, so that you can all see my progress and make sure I keep on track. I’m excited about joining this community, and challenging myself to do the Impossible. I will be the super hero in my own life story. Even if I’m ‘older’!

And my theme tune? “The Time is Now’ by Moloko…


19 Responses to “Theme Tune.”

  1. I would have asked for a second opinion! Cheeky cow!

  2. Oh God that’s horrific! This is happening to me too – Doctors take me seriously now when I go in with a complaint, always a sure sign that they think I am old enough to actually have something that needs attention. Help me please! I don’t have a theme tune and I just ate 2 peices of cake!!!!!!!

  3. Great theme tune! I’m now thinking what mine should be.

    PS I’m 41 – so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being in your mid-30s

    • Let me know when you’ve chosen one! I’ve got over it now, and have moved on to being a bit cross. Which is good because it makes me act…

      • I still haven’t chosen a theme tune, but I have been inspired to think about my ‘soundtrack songs’ and I’ve written a blogpost about a couple of them 🙂 I’ve quoted you in my blogpost – hope that’s ok! Let know if not ok with you and I’ll edit the quote out.

  4. If you’re ‘older’, then I’m positively geriatric!

    We were actually talking about that in Counselling Class yesterday – the fact that if you’re over 35 and pregnant, you’re referred to as a Geriatric Mum!

    I like the theme tune too! My ‘get me moving’ tune is somewhat more obscure (an EBM track called Genesis by a band named Decence) and I think I should use it more often, as I hadn’t thought of it as something I could use in ‘everyday’ things, it just seems to get me moving when it comes on the random rotation we have playing!

    Anyway, enough waffle, time to get moving! Turns on Decence

    • Yes, get that theme tune playing when you need it! Sounds daft, but there’s nothing wrong with using what tools we have at our disposal to get us doing the things we want to do 🙂

      Geriatric mum, what a lovely term…

  5. ar you poor thing that awful, i remember the moment people stopped calling me miss and started calling me madam you are so right time passes so fast

  6. It’s ridiculous to call someone older at 35 – given that people of our generation will prob live until their 90’s – I cannot understand how 35 can be considered ‘old’. In the context of fertility I do believe women are given this tag after a certain age, but even with regard to this, many women are having children in their 40’s these days.

    It’s such a shame when a thoughtless comment by someone can linger on and nag away at you afterwards, long after the other person has probably even forgotten what they said. I can understand how you feel especially when you talk about ‘just getting going with your life’. You don’t want to feel like you’re over the hill before you’ve even started half the things you want to do. There are lots of women out there that have achieved great things well beyond their 20’s… Marian Keyes published her first book at 34, and look at her now. And watching Dame Judy Dench on the TV last night, she said her film career only really took off in her 50’s. A while ago when I when I was studying for a new career in complimentary medicine the oldest person completing the course (a 3 year degree course) was 73! So, do your thing, follow your dreams, and don’t think about age. It is only a number, don’t let it define you or limit you in any way.

    I love the idea of a theme tune. Yours is cool. Mine would probably be something incredibly cheesy.:0)

    • Thank you so much for this fabulous comment! You’re completely right about it just being a number, that’s how I feel most of the time. This really threw me at the time, but I’ve come back fighting now…

      You’ll have to let me know if you pick a theme tune 🙂

  7. I read the Impossible List stuff when you tweeted it, thought it was really inspiring! I was looking down his list, thinking, God, I could never do those things! And of course, I could. I just don’t want to. Which is fine, as long as my reasons are sound – I am prioritising getting ahead in my career and buying a house over things like running triple marathons. But there are so many things I want to do, that I don’t think I can do. Which is rubbish! Absolute codswallop!

    I’m always banging on about wanting to be better at languages and wanting to study to be fluent in French and Spanish, but I don’t do anything about it. For a few quid and a couple of hours a week I could join a class at pretty much any adult education centre in the country and do it, it’s a relatively small commitment and reading that list made me realise that all my goals are essentially little steps that are completely achievable. So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for tweeting that and you should absolutely share your impossible list, please.

    My ‘theme tune’ (in your loosely defined sense of the song that gets you off your ass and stops you feeling sorry for yourself) is Usher’s Pop Ya Collar. Totally cheesy but gets me going every time 🙂 Like Olga, I think I should start using it more actively!

    • This is such a brilliant comment, thank you!

      I think that the most important part of any bucket/impossible list is that it is genuinely what you want to do, not what you think you ‘ought’ to want to do, if that makes sense? What I mean is, if you want languages rather than marathons, put that on your list! It absolutely counts. You can definitely do the impossible!

      I might have to add another page for my Impossible list 🙂 and I love your theme tune, you need to play it when you’re signing up to your language class!

      If you ever need anyone to chat (very basic) French conversation with, I’d really value it too.


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