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February 15, 2012

MP3 Shuffle.

The lovely Ruth and Loretta from @More_Than_A tagged me with this meme a while ago and it’s taken me until today to get it finished! I am very easily distracted…

All I have to do is this:

  • Stick my rather vintage purple IPod onto shuffle.
  • Take note of the first five tunes that appear
  • Tag some more lovely bloggers to do the same

Easy! Except, I’m going to cheat. A little. This is because my Ipod is the only one we have and so there are an extraordinary amount of things on there that have nothing at all to do with me! If I just chose the next five things that came up, it would go something like:

  • “Under the Sea’ Disney’s Little Mermaid. This is clearly not mine, even though I know all the words and have been found, on occasion, dancing to it.
  • All of the back catalogue from the Beastie Boys, Radiohead and Seth Lakeman. All belong to my husband (even though I like all three) and have been the subject of some argument about how much space they take up. In truth, I’ve taken quite a lot off. Let’s keep that between ourselves, shall we?
  • Something along the lines of BBC Talk Italian: Unit Three ‘Ordering Food and Drink’ All of the Italian language stuff is mine, but it’s not exactly music, so I’m leaving it out.

So, now I’ve broken the rules, let’s get started!

  • La Valse d’Amélie. Yann Tiersen. From the soundtrack to the film Le Fabuleux Destin d’ Amélie Poulain (usually known as Amélie). This is my favourite film of all time. When I was quite nervous about driving, I used to play this in the car. It’s beautiful, soothing and a reminder of lovely things. I go to Paris every year, if I can afford it, and spend quite a lot of time imagining I am in this film. I was talking about  favourite films with some people the other day. Upon hearing mine, a lovely colleague of mine said (un-prompted, I hasten to add!) that she thought I could be in Amélie. My life is complete…
  • Winter Winds Mumford and Sons. from the album Sigh No More. This was the first Mumford and Sons song I heard and will always remind me of the winter of 2010, when we used to listen to it, singing along after one too many mulled wines. They headlined at Summer Sundae too. It was the first festival I’d been to for ages – in fact, since having the kids – and it was so good! I highly recommend Summer Sundae, even if you do have kids, as there is a brilliant family section and separate camping area. Plus, and this is a good thing for us older women, there is an inside stage with proper toilets!
  • Dancing with Myself: Billy Idol. I knew this would start to get embarrassing at some point. Here it is. I love it. A song that I will sing to and have a little dance to. Whereever I am. Even on the bus. That period in time will always be one of lovely nostalgia for me – I seem to have instant recall on the lyrics to all eighties/early nineties music, which irritates the hell out of my husband.
  • L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. Noah and the Whale. From the album Last Night on Earth. I love this song, and it reminds me of a lovely friend of mine who once wrote the some of the lyrics including ‘You’ve got heart and you’re going your own way‘  in an email – and said that it reminded her of me. A great one to sing along to, even if the husband and I do debate what the actual meaning is. He’s convinced it’s about suicide, whereas I refuse to be anything but optimistic about it!
  • Shake it Out: Florence and the Machine, from the album Ceremonials. I bet most folk have got a bit of Florence on their Ipod. There’s not a lot that hasn’t already been said. I particularly love that she’s a Chanel muse, even though Karl had her appearing, Botticelli’s Venus- like, out of a giant clam shell this season!

So, that’s it. Not as embarrassing as I’d thought. Having a quick scroll through, I see there could have been Pat Benetar, Led Zeppelin, Bombay Bicycle Club, Angela Lansbury (yes, she of Murder She Wrote) Simple Minds (Don’t You Forget About Me, from the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club) Britney, Bat for Lashes, Foo Fighters (love Dave Grohl) Neko Case, Oh No Ono, The Pixies and so on.

So, it’s a pretty eclectic mix. A bit like me, then, I suppose.

Before I go, there is a song from Laura Hocking  I want you to listen to that the brilliant @janeydodge sent my way recently. I utterly love it.  It’s been in my head for days and is fast becoming a new theme tune! It’s especially great for those of us who need a bit of motivating to get off the sofa, plus it’s very funny.

And now I’m going to tag @Minibreakmummy who wrote a great post recently about soundtrack tunes, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.