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March 9, 2012

Marni for H&M

So, Marni for H&M…

Having said I wasn’t going to go and look, I went and looked. In my defence, the store was quiet and civilised without a queue in sight. Granted, the clothes were behind two security guards, but considering the hype¬†surrounding the stores in London (queueing in 7am chaos, wristband entry) I am worried that the folk in Leeds don’t know a good thing when they see it.

And, yes it was a good thing, I think. Marni is quite a unique label. Those of us who have loved it forever are possibly feeling a bit resentful about this recent surge in popularity caused by their collaboration with H&M. Especially if the people lining up in the queue are the same people who queued for Versace not so long ago. In my mind, a Versace woman cannot be a Marni woman. Am I wrong?

Marni, launched in 1994, remains a family business, headed up by Consuelo Castiglioni. Famous for its blocky prints, colour clashing, unusual shapes, draping and assymetry, it is a fashion line designed for women who care about what other women think. In my opinion (and I suspect I’m not alone in thinking this) men just don’t understand Marni. They don’t find the vintage looking colours, clashing prints, ¬†low hemlines or the loose balloon hems attractive. Perhaps this is part of the appeal It’s been an insiders label. Now it is not. But I’m glad really, although I do hope that, despite this surge in popularity and brand awareness, it remains a family owned business against the huge conglomerates. I bet LVMH would love to have it as part of their stable.

So, then, what did I buy? One piece and one piece only. Partly because I’m poor and partly because I was considered in my approach. My questions to myself all the way through ran along the lines of “Do I want it because it is Marni on the cheap, or do I want it because it looks great, fits into my wardrobe and will actually get worn?”

I bought this. I love it. It’s in a lovely light fabric, with a flattering elasticated bubble hemline. I’m taking it to Rome with me for a start. When I come back I’ll continue the search for more Marni online (at The Outnet) because I suspect the Leeds store will have emptied by then…