This isn’t the post I thought I would be writing today. In fact, it’s not a post I thought I’d be writing ever. On Saturday, someone walked into my house, picked up my beloved Mulberry bag, and walked out again. We were all in the house, sitting a mere 20 feet away in the next room, or, in the case of my children, upstairs in bed.

Upon seeing that the back door was open, the first thing my husband did was run upstairs to check on our kids, so don’t think that I haven’t thought about the absolute worst that could have happened. Really, I know that someone just took advantage of us leaving the back door unlocked after we’d opened it to let the kids catch hailstones in a bowl earlier in the evening. I still feel a bit sick thinking that they could have tried that door many times before, and finally been rewarded by our forgetfulness.

After a truly dreadful recent event, I have had lots of good fortune recently. I have met lots of new people, kindled some new friendships and invested time in older, important ones. I’ve been to wonderful events, had lovely family time and even won a competition. So, there is a part of me that thinks this happened just so I didn’t get too big for my boots. As if the Universe was redressing the balance. Giving me something bad, so that I make sure I appreciate the good.

In being the victim of some really horrible behaviour, I have actually had my faith in the overall goodness of people restored by the reactions of others. From my lovely friends both virtual and in real life, I have had nothing but support and kindness. They have sworn on my behalf, given out hugs, made cups of tea (essential in any kind of British crisis) gone out and searched the local area and on Ebay for signs of my stuff. One lovely soul spent half the morning getting my work laptop extracted from the cupboard in which it was locked (my key was taken) and my boss let me work a short day so I could deal with everything. When I went in the library to tell them that I needed new cards, the lovely librarian gave me my reserved books without charge, simply because she is wonderful. Of course, the books I had reserved were all Agatha Raisin crime novels.

Many of us do love a crime novel. Mainly though, the appeal is in the solution. At the end of a crime novel, especially old favourites like Agatha Christie, we can be assured that justice will be meted out and the bad guys will get what they deserve. Sadly, real life does not often provide us with tidy and satisfying solutions. I doubt the person who stole my things will ever be caught, which makes the whole thing more difficult to live with. There is an episode of ‘The Good Life’ television programme (after which this blog is lovingly named), in which Tom and Barbara’s house is broken into. Because they have nothing worth stealing, the perpetrators simply trash the place. They refuse to back down, saying that what happened was not their failure, it was someone else’s. What has just happened to me is not my failure. I admit that I’m shaken, sad and angry but I will not be beaten by it. I will not let my overwhelming faith in people be ruined by the failure of one.

So, now I’ve got that out of my system, let’s move onto happier things, shall we?


15 Responses to “Theft.”

  1. How horrible and what dreadful people are around. A friend of mine was ambushed in a cafe at the weekend and had her iPhone stolen. I really cannot understand how awful life has to get before you feel capapble of resorting to such despicable behaviour.

  2. So sorry your bag (and a mulberry one!) was stolen from your house! That is really terrible and I can completely imagine how much it shook you up 😦 Happy to read that you won’t let it affect your faith in people though 🙂

  3. Oh no…how awful for you….it’s not only the theft, but the invasion into your home that will rattle you hey? But good to hear you are sounding positive and have lots of support..sending virtual hugs..

  4. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, Liz 😦 *hugs*

  5. Oh my word this is just terrible! There are no words 😦

  6. When I had my handbag stolen I found it particularly difficult to cope with the loss of things that people had given to me, particularly a scarf made for me by my mum and a purse given to me by my grandma as a graduation present. Someone told me that the person who stole these items could never take away the fact that I had been given these things, even if I no longer had them.

    I was also comforted by the kindness of friends and strangers. People who lent me cash, and helped me report the theft. Even someone who lent me their copy of a book I was partway through reading at the time.

    It is a terrible, sickening thing to happen. But you will recover from it. And hopefully you will be able to replace the bag with one that is just as nice (or maybe even nicer).

  7. oh my goodness i am so sorry that is so disgusting, they say in these tough times crime is on the up. I’m so glad it was a handbag and nothing worse i’m glad your children are all o’k. Hope they catch the scum bag that did this.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been burgled. Just horrendous especially when you’re home. Hope you’re alright. I don’t believe its because you got too happy or the like just that some people do bad things for a variety of reasons none of which have anything to do with you.

    Take care. X

  9. Am sending you some more big hugs. This happened to me when I was living on my own in a little almshouse. The house was literally small bathroom, kitchen and living room downstairs and then stairs opening straight into my bedroom. They opened the main bathroom window by reaching in through the little bathroom window I’d left ajar, took my handbag from the settee and left. I was asleep upstairs and never heard a thing. Luckily for me there was nothing of value in my bag and my ancient mobile phone had a dead battery. What shook me up the most was the thought that maybe they didn’t just take my bag – maybe they had a look around – maybe they stood and watched me sleeping. It makes me so angry that there are people out there who are completely happy to invade someone’s personal space and take that person’s personal possessions. You are a good person and didn’t deserve this xxx

  10. Oh no you poor thing, am so glad the kids were find and it was just a handbag (although a very nice one by the sounds of it!), I can’t believe how someone would be so callous and just walk in and help themselves 😦 x

  11. Oh my word, how horrible. Some people are just hideous.


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