Dumouchel: A French Bakery in Leeds

I love Paris and I love French bakeries. On our regular pilgrimage to Paris, I spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking about food. One of the absolute pleasures to be had in the city is to buy yourself a basic picnic; bread from the baker, cheese from a fromagerie, tomatoes from one of the many street markets, and then spend some leisurely time in a park, watching the city go by as you munch your way through it all.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to go all the way to France to enjoy the pleasure that is great French bread, because I live near Dumouchel. Based in Garforth, east Leeds, Dumouchel supply some of the independent cafes and lunch places that are dotted around the city so you may have eaten their lovely bread without even realising it. I’m lucky enough to visit quite regularly. When my brother and sister in law moved house, I bought her a platter of tiny, perfect patisserie for their house warming party. At a birthday gathering this year we had a Dumouchel chocolate torte. Impossibly shiny and perfect on top, decorated with chocolate curls, it was a deliciously grown up alternative to a cake. I’m planning to ask for a citrus one for my own birthday (a note to my lovely husband!)

On my last visit, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a handful of macaron, in rose, violet and lavender. A delicate, sophisticated series of flavours, I loved them all. I was also given a free baguette by the lovely people in the shop, which we all shared. It was the perfect French baguette and evoked lots of lovely memories of wandering around my favourite city. Thankfully, I can return to Dumouchel rather more easily than Paris, so I’ll be going again very soon…

3 Comments to “Dumouchel: A French Bakery in Leeds”

  1. I adore french baked bread, on our last visit to paris we did exactly the same thing for lunch. The Macarons look delicious, I love the delicate floral flavours and would much rather have those than fruit or chocolate flavour, rose has to be my favourite but the violet sounds divine.

  2. I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to give up patisserie for Lent. I actually live in Paris and walking past these rainbow little rainbow macarons everyday is like torture. When it’s all over I’m going straight to my favourite boulangerie for a patisserie picnic just like yours!

    • Oh, you live in Paris and you’ve given up patisserie! You are a stronger person than I am. I would love to live in Paris, in fact, once the kids are older, the plan is for us all to live there for a couple of months. I’m on my way to look at your blog right now…

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