Bags of Love personalised gifts review

My regular readers will know that I always carry an emergency pouch in my bag, filled with cosmetics, medication, and for some unknown reason, earrings. Sadly, mine was taken recently and so I’ve been in search of a replacement, and I’ve found one in the shape of a new cosmetic bag from Bags of Love.

Everything from Bags of Love is personalised, so I tapped into my inner narcissist and chose a photograph of me and my husband leaning out of a Parisian hotel balcony, to add to the front. I rarely like photos of myself, but this one is pretty flattering (if I do say so myself), especially in black and white and when the bag arrived this morning, it did make me smile. So, I have a lovely new bag, with a photo that reminds me of very happy memories of the Parisian Left Bank adorning the front. Perfect!

The bag itself is nylon fabric on the front, and leather at the back with a pretty heart shaped silver coloured zip, which opens really low down for easy access to the all-important contents. Handmade in England (which I’m really happy to see) it’s really nice quality and I know I’m going to enjoy using it. The softness means that it will happily go into my handbag without damaging anything else in there and it’s also going to be perfect to take away to Rome. I love that it makes me smile when I look at it and I’m going to think fondly of our time in Paris every time I use it, which is the great joy of personalised gifts.

Alongside cosmetic bags like my new one, Bags of Love also are a great source of  birthday gift ideas, personalised greetings cards and other items such as canvas prints for your walls, and little notebooks with photo covers which, as a habitual notebook user and lover of stationery, I think are brilliant. Personalised gifts are a great idea for family members. My parents and Grandma are notoriously difficult to buy for, as they have everything they need already. They’re always really pleased to receive something with photographs of my children on though, so I think that a Bags of Love photo book would be a perfect birthday gift for them this year!

Many thanks to Bags of Love for providing me with my personalised cosmetic bag for this review.


3 Comments to “Bags of Love personalised gifts review”

  1. Bags of Love offer some really nice Personalised Gifts and have used them a couple of times before for xmas pressies which have gone down a treat!

  2. Yes, I also like them! Their products are cool and customer service is efficient)

  3. Sadly we did not receive the same quality of service. When we contacted the help line for assistance in a problem they had already assured us was sorted via e-mail, a man by the name of Chris Childs was very rude to us. What we thought would be a quick phone call to sort out a small problem ended up in us having no other choice but not using their services again. Sadly we are now looking at other companies to create a wedding gift for my sister. We are sad to end on these terms as were had high expectations of this company has had read many positive reviews.

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