Three Good Things: Week Four

Welcome to this week’s edition of Three Good Things!

I can’t believe it is week four already, time really does fly…

One: Orange is the New Black.

My first good thing this week is a TV series. And when I say a ‘series’ its because I watched every episode pretty much back-to-back! ‘Orange is the New Black‘ is a show created by Netflix, which means that you have to subscribe in order to watch. But given that this series, based on a true story and set in a women’s prison, manages to be simultaneously funny, heart-wrenching, terrifying and endearing all at the same time,  it’s completely worth it. Or you could do what we did and get a free month’s Netflix trial to watch the show!  Though, we’ve ended up keeping Netflix, because it’s actually great for those of us without a TV.

I do love it when a TV show steals my heart so much that I want to completely immerse myself in it. I can’t remember the last time that happened to me. Maybe it was The West Wing?

The show is now multi-Emmy-award nominated and series two is already in the pipeline, which I’m already impatient about. Highly recommended.

Orange Is The New Black (image: netflix)

Orange Is The New Black (image: netflix)

Two: My new bag!

My second good thing this week is my new Fjallraven Kanken bag. It was a gift to me, and I love it. In my humble opinion, it’s an iconic design. It’s really simple,  with one large main section, a smaller front pocket and an extra zip-out part at the back which increases the capacity to be big enough for me to fill it with enough stuff that I can barely carry it. Each Kanken comes with a little seat pad too, which came in very handy this week when I had to wait half an hour on a seat-free platform for a delayed train…

Me with my Fjallraven Kanken Maxi waiting for a train...

Me with my Fjallraven Kanken Maxi waiting for a train…

Three: Cardboard Lions.

My last good thing this week is a cardboard loo roll. Well, several loo rolls, in fact. Covered in yellow paint and made into lions, they are the proof that I am ok at craft. And a decent mother to boot. I’m going to blog a bit more about this later on, but I wanted to share this today, because I’m really happy with how they turned out, and the kids were thrilled. The inspiration for these came from a lovely blog called  A Patchwork Life, and we are hoping to keep going through the summer holidays, with a different animal each week until we have a cardboard safari!

Fabulous cardboard lion!

Fabulous cardboard lion!

Do have a look at the lovely ‘Three Good Things’ posts from Nyssapod and A Hell of A Woman.

What are your Three Good Things this week? 


10 Comments to “Three Good Things: Week Four”

  1. Good choices mine are:

    1 – time off work with very few things planned allowing me to get lots of sewing done, including a cushion and a handbag – which I’m proudly using every day.

    2 – using more of my time to make the most of my membership at the local leisure centre – 2 aqua, 1 deep water aqua and 2 total tone classes & 1 swim over 7 days – I ached a lot! Most weeks I manage 2 or 3 things so this felt really good.

    3 – Having lovely conversations with fellow sewers on twitter – I love sewing but so much nicer when you can share with fellow ‘enthusiasts’.

  2. Cardboard Loo Roll Animals is a great idea! We’ve made Egg Box Monsters, which yours might like doing as well. Also, you should totally make some Cardboard Loo Roll Minions – I bet they’d look AWESOME!!

  3. Love your cardboard lions- and the idea of creating a menagerie of animals over the summer. Your bag looks great. I’m always in the market for a good travel bag – esp one that can fit a laptop without looking too ‘laptop bagish’!

    I’ve linked up again this week :0)

  4. Love your bag and your loo-roll lions! Will look into netflix when I move into my new house (hopefully in a few weeks)

    I was struggling a bit this week – then I had a fun trip to the charity shops on Saturday and found three good things in one go!

  5. hello my lovely hope you are well my stupid arse blog has been dropping blogs off my list again but like a bad penny i tracked you down and found you again how rubbish am i, just takes me time to find all the missing bloggers.

    PS i really loved orange is the new black im looking forward to the new series they are bring out next year

  6. hello there may i know what is the color of your kanken? It’s a gorgeous one. Thank you in advance x

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