Newsflash: BEDN #19

Today I shall be at a celebration event at which John Craven (of Newsround and latterly, Countryfile fame) will be presenting awards to amazing people who have been volunteers for a range of ‘Access to Nature’ environmental projects. There will be tears as these fabulous folk get a bit of well-deserved recognition and I’ve heard there will be cake too! Sometimes, I just love my job.

From childhood, John Craven has been a bit of a hero of mine, I was a regular Newsround watcher from a young age. As long term host of Countryfile, he’s on his way to ‘National Treasure’ status, and I’m very much hoping that I get the chance to say hello to him today.

It’s not the first time I’ve met one of my heroes. I met Mark Todd (Olympic gold medal winning three-day eventer, show-jumper and all round equestrian superstar) many years ago and he was just as I’d imagined and a thoroughly nice man.

It’s always a bit of a risk though, isn’t it? Meeting someone you’ve admired can leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed, or even make you realise they’re not the person you thought they’d be.

Still, I’m pretty confident that John Craven will be as lovely as he appears on TV and it’s going to be a great day.

Have you met any of your heroes? Or anyone famous? What where they like? I’d love to know!

9 Comments to “Newsflash: BEDN #19”

  1. Well, I’ve met a few of my favourite authors at book signings. Jasper Fforde also bought me a pint once (along with half a dozen other fans after a signing in Manchester). Thoroughly nice bloke.

  2. I met Richard Schiff who played Toby in The West Wing. It’s my favourite show in the world so to meet someone from it was incredible! I was very star struck!

  3. I have never met anyone who I admire, in a ‘celebrity’ sense. I’ve spotted people I admire from afar and smashed into a few people whilst walking through town to my shame. I’m a bit worried about how silly I’d feel even if I turned up at a boo signing! One day maybe!

  4. My dad was at school with John Craven, they both went too Lawnswood School in it’s secondary modern days (random fact for you)

    I’ve met various authors I admire at book signings & Terry Jones when travelling in India who was very gracious about posing for photos in brakes in filming.

    • Ah, I knew John Craven went to school in Leeds – we didn’t know which one though, so that’s cool to know! I quite fancy going along to a book signing. There’s loads of authors that I really like…

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