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November 27, 2013

Motivations: #BEDN

This BEDN post prompt (which I’m completing on the wrong day!) is an interesting one for me. I’m motivated by many things; learning, challenges, the environment, being a decent person. I want to be a great mother; I’m a separated parent, and I’m working hard to try to ensure my kids are happy. I want to be a good friend, which I often find myself failing, mostly because I’m so busy. I’d like to get better at that. Overwhelmingly, I want my time on Earth to be a positive one. I want to do some good. I’m very aware that this is a bold statement to make. And I’ve no grandiose plan, just that this is my underlying feeling about life. So, I try to be a good person, even though I make mistakes and am nowhere near perfect.

The other thing that motivates me a lot is self-improvement. I’d like to be good at things. Accomplished. Even though I know that it’s unlikely I’m going to be great at anything because my interests are spread over so many things. It’s both the pain and joy of being a scanner. But the idea that I could, perhaps, be the best version of me that it’s possible to be, is one of my greatest motivators. It’s the cause of many a plan, many a challenge. I like to put pressure on myself, perhaps too much sometimes, to be better than I am. And I fail. All the time. I wrote a bit about how I should just learn to enjoy my hobbies instead of setting challenges recently. It’s still something I need to be mindful of, especially because of the time of year.

When it gets to November, every year without fail, I start thinking about the year that’s coming up. By Christmas, I’m ready to draw a line under the current year and crack on with the next. Given my current thinking, that I need to quit making goals that I don’t really want to achieve (running a marathon!) and instead be honest with myself about what I’d like to happen, I need new plans. Achievable, honest, and not overwhelming plans that reflect my real motivations. So, I shall be spending the next month having a mull over what these might be.

Watch this space, I’ll probably share them…

What are your motivations? Do you set goals? I’d love to hear from you…