My Shiny New Blogging Timetable

New year, new blogging schedule! I know, we’ve been here before, but I’m spending the month of January doing the Rosalilium Big Blogging Bootcamp and it’s fired up my enthusiasm for Margot & Barbara and so I have huge, ambitious plans for the year. Expect more changes to come…

Yes, yes, undoubtedly it’ll all come crashing down around my ears some time around March, but let’s be optimists, shall we?

Part of what I’ve been working through is trying to get a better grasp on themes for Margot & Barbara. At the very core of my blog is my scanner-type nature which means I’m interested in pretty much everything and that has always resulted in a blog that’s all over the place. And I’ve always thought that was fair enough, because at least it’s genuinely me. BUT – I’ve realised that for my own sanity and so you know what to expect, a bit of a schedule might help. It would help me to stop feeling stressed about ‘I should/could/must blog’ and put me back in control, using (for the first time) an editorial calendar, because I can plan in advance what I’m going to write about so will spend less time in a last-minute panic!

So, here goes.

Monday: LEARNING:  Challenges, scanner and multipotentialite writing, things I’ve learnt about blogging, and lots of writing about happiness. Because that underpins everything else I write.

Tuesday: GREEN: It’s ‘Barbara’ day. Including cycling and recycling, natural, organic and ethical beauty, my allotment and other gardening topics and any other green-themed posts.

Wednesday: THREE GOOD THINGS: A weekly post about three good things in my life that I’m grateful for. As before, I’d love you to share in Three Good Things and write your own posts to link up.

Thursday: LUXE: It’s ‘Margot’ day on Margot and Barbara! Here I’ll write about travel, fashion and beauty, restaurant reviews and lovely hotels. Where I can, I’ll focus on the environmental aspects. I call this eco-luxe. ‘Light’ green, if you like. I’ll also write about the arts, and Leeds based events here; going out and having fun definitely belongs on ‘Margot’ day… And yes, I know that ‘green’ and ‘luxe’ are polar opposites and I make no apologies for that. It’s who I am. Read my About Me page, if you want to know more.

Friday: HOME-LIFE: Including books, films, cooking, family, my attempts at crafts and the birds I see out of my window; today is all about staying in and living slowly.

Saturday: THE WEEKEND PAGES: A weekly round-up of the best things I’ve found on the web. Articles, blogs, life-hacks, online stores, everything is open for inclusion here.

Sunday: PHOTO OF MY WEEK: One photo that sums up my week.

Ta-da! What do you think? Feedback is very welcome from you, my lovely readers. Only be kind, I know it’s ambitious, but that’s what January is for, isn’t it?  And do let me know what kind of posts you like the best. 


10 Responses to “My Shiny New Blogging Timetable”

  1. A schedule is really good but I’d ensure that you allow a bit of flexibility in case something you really can’t hold in comes up that you want to blog about or you just don’t have the time to post at all.

    I tend to have a base schedule just in the notes on my phone and then re-jig things around if something else comes up or I have a day where I don’t manage to write anything. If I try and be too structured I end up being really unhappy with myself which then puts me in a worse position for blogging.

    Having a jist of what I’m going to write about for the week definitely does help though and it encourages me to move posts around if they’re too similar and would be posted quite close to each other.

    • Hello, thank you for this – it’s really useful feedback. I agree that I need to be flexible with it – and I’m not going to beat myself up if things slip or change;I have learnt that the hard way! I think where it’s started to be really useful is seeing a timetable of the month so I can see what’s coming up all at once – to move things when they’re too similar, like you say. It’s a tiny bit more strategic than my ‘wing it’ approach! 😉

  2. I’m pleased to see you’re intending to do more ‘three good things’ posts – it’s good to make a note of the little things that make life worth living 🙂

    One thing I’ve discovered recently is Simplenote ( ) – this allows me to jot down notes which I can then use as the basis of a quick blogpost. Obviously other note taking options are available but Simplenote is just so simple that I actually use it.

    • Oh, brilliant – I’ll have a look at Simplenote, thank you. One thing I really do want to get control over is all the tools I use for blogging and organising. Even considering a filofax… Old School!

  3. Having a schedule is such a good idea – for readers as well, I think, because we know what’s coming up. Are you going to try posting every day? That seems like such a huge target! I know I couldn’t do it, but good luck to you if you are

  4. Hello fellow big blogging bootcamper, great to see ideas coming together. I like the way you have allocated things to cover on each day. Katy x


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