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February 12, 2014

Margot and Barbara is changing!

Margot and Barbara turns three in May.

As well as planning a party, I’m also planning lots of changes.  Narrowing the field of subjects I cover and creating a new logo for a start. Moving to a self-hosted site and keeping my fingers crossed that some of you come with me! Spending a lot of time day-dreaming about the ways I could turn my blog into something more. Something bigger, better, brighter. Something—maybe, just maybe—that could turn into online and offline projects as part of my career change? Dare I think about that?

Before I get too carried away, I am in huge need of your help. The people that read my blog are the best people to ask about the future of it! So, I would be HUGELY grateful if you could take the tiny survey that I’ve created. It’s only four questions, so it’ll only take you a couple of minutes, I promise!

And for those of you who are local, there may be birthday cake in it for you…

Click HERE to take the survey. Thank you so much.