35:35 Challenge

This is the page where I’m going to list all the new things I’ve tried as part of my 35:35 Challenge – 35 new things in my 35th year…. This challenge has now finished – although I didn’t get to 35 things, I still consider this challenge to be a great success. It has changed the way  I spend my time, made me say ‘yes’ to lots of new experiences and give me lots of new friends. I recommend you try something similar!

1: Make Creme Brulee

2: Learn Italian ( this is an ongoing challenge, in preparation for a trip to Rome in Spring 2012)

3: Play the drums!

4: Have a hammam massage

5: Make French macaron

6: Go to Burghley International Three Day Event

7: Complete Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge ( in 11 hours, 45 minutes)

8: Complete Cycletta North (in 2 hours, 3 minutes, 17 seconds)

9: Make and share a German Friendship cake

10: See a film at Leeds Town Hall, as part of the Leeds International Film Festival

11: Join Twitter. I should have put this on earlier, but I never thought of it…

12: Have a massage at home

13: Take part in a Transpennine Real Ale Trail

14: Be interviewed on live radio (Radio 4, Woman’s Hour)

15: See a new Northern Ballet production: Beauty and the Beast

16: Have a 1-1 sewing lesson with Abi from Sew You

17: Attend my first Bettakultcha (17th January 2012)

18: Write for Love All Blogs each week. I write the introduction to Love Fashion Blogs each week and Love Beauty Blogs every two weeks. (I did this from January to March, when the site structure was changed)

19: Go out to dinner with a group of people I don’t know!

20: Write a guest post on another site (for The Culture Vulture)

21: Visit Rome

22: Be A World Book Night giver

23: Start a cookbook challenge

24: Kayaking on Coniston Water in the Lake District

25: Learn how to make a tiki cocktail

26: Visit Cambridge and the Scott Polar Research Institute

27: Attend a Secret Afternoon Tea Party

28: My first origami lesson

29: Become a mentor to another scanner

30: Experience the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II – I know it’s lazy, but I’m running out of time!

31: Buy my first bike – A Pashley Princess Sovereign.





11 Responses to “35:35 Challenge”

  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m very tempted now to do something of the sort myself.

    Of course, needing to do 47 things before my 48th birthday in 5 months may be pushing it a bit…[grin]

  2. I have to say that I didn’t really think about how often I’d have to try something new to fit it all into one year! Wait until after your birthday, then you’ll have a whole year to do 48 things in a year – or 50 things in your 50th year, that’d be so great, if a bit exhausting!!

  3. I think you should add wing walking – amazing article in The Times yesterday (I think) about someone trying it out and it sounded actually very fun!

  4. I like this idea, might try it myself! Just had a birthday so only a couple of weeks behind. Good luck with the rest. Polly

  5. I love this idea! Well done you!


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