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September 7, 2011

My Daily Uniform.

I’ve never posted an outfit photograph before, but this photo taken by David at Sandsend on our camping weekend pretty much sums up my daily wardrobe. I tend to wear a uniform of sorts. I try to shop so that everything in my wardrobe can be worn with everything else, which means that there is always something that I can throw on without much thought, and that I can chase after my two year old son in! It’s mostly black or other neutrals, and as I’ve written before, very rarely do I wear a print or anything bold. I’m going to try to change that, but it will mean that I have to put more thought into my daily uniform…

I am wearing:

Navy wool cardigan and trousers from Gap.

Cream (washable!) vest top with broderie anglaise edging from J Crew at Net A Porter.

Mulberry Antony bag, which is usually slung diagonally over my body so I can run around without losing it. The hands-free bag is a totally necessity when you have two small kids. Honestly, I have worn this bag every day since my lovely husband bought it for me one Christmas.  So, as far as fashion maths is concerned (which, as we all know, is cost divided by number of times worn) it’s one of the best bargains ever!

3.1 Phillip Lim sunglasses – giant glasses hide a multitude of sleepless nights, especially useful after sleeping in a soaking wet tent, which was my misfortune the night before this photo was taken.

A grumpy expression. Hmm…again I think this is lack of sleep. Or possibly hunger. We got fish and chips shortly after this was taken which were lovely.

Ash high-tops, I love Ash shoes, they’re always a slightly quirky but comfortable choice. Is it wrong that I need comfortable shoes? I do buy heels too, but I wear them less often, my life just isn’t cut out for them at them moment. The current season of Ash high tops are available from and I’ve already got my eye on this pair.

Seal Virgin High Top Leather Trainer by Ash

Ash | Seal Virgin High Top Leather Trainer by Ash.

What is your daily uniform?  Are there pieces of clothing that you couldn’t live without? Do you find it liberating or stifling to wear the same thing every day?