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September 21, 2012

Blog North Awards

I had a post already planned for today. Probably. I’m almost sure that I had one planned. But instead I’m going to write about theĀ Blog North Awards. New in 2012, they aim to celebrate the best in independent writing in Northern England and earlier this year, people were kind enough to put my blog forward to be considered for the shortlist.

It’s seriously flattering when someone thinks that what you do is good enough to be even considered for anything like this and so I was massively grateful. Then, the nerves started to kick in. What if it was a horrible mistake? What if I was laughed out of the room? What have I done, by putting this blog out into the world and allowing it to be scrutinised? I’m not especially thick-skinned, and by writing these words and pressing the ‘publish’ button I’m essentially opening myself up to criticism from the whole world every day.

I spent a lot of time since the original nominations went in mulling this over and in the end decided that whatever the result, the important thing is that I like what I write and that at least one other person must like it well enough to put me forward for an award. And that’ll do. Anything else is a bonus. Actually, all the comments I get here on the blog and the majority elsewhere, like through Facebook or Twitter, are really positive, and even my spam is hilariously supportive enough for me to consider keeping it! So I’m happy with that.

Yesterday, purely by chance I realised that my blog had been commended in the Best Personal Blog category. Not quite on the shortlist, but singled out for a special mention. Not laughed out of the room after all. And that feels like winning. Really and truly, it does. I even sat on the bed and had a little weep about it. I’ve only been writing this blog since May 2011 and it’s purely a hobby that I try to squeeze in between work, school and everything else, so this is an amazing result.

To those of you who put me forward to be considered, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Damn it, I’m crying again now. See what you’ve done? I jest. This is the most brilliant thing to ever happen to the blog and I’m massively grateful. I would never have plucked up the courage to put myself forward for consideration in a million years, because I’m dreadful at saying ‘I’m actually quite good at this, you know?’ You did that for me and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Now, I urge you all to go to the Blog North Awards shortlist and get reading and voting! I know I will. As soon as I’ve dried my eyes and had a restorative cup of tea…