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July 4, 2012

Simply Swim: swimming costume review

On Sunday we took the kids swimming for the first time in ages. Although both of them have done toddler swimming sessions, my daughter struggled when she started swimming lessons properly. She’s so slim (as a result of her premature birth) that she used to turn rather cold and blue almost the minute she hit the water and that, coupled with her fear of getting water in her face, was enough to make her really upset every time we took her. Three sessions later, we gave up completely, and tucked the idea away for some time in the future when she was ready again.

That time has finally arrived and so, armed with a new pair of goggles each, we all went to the local pool. They have a Family Splash day on Sunday, with lots of inflatables and floats. Both the kids really loved playing with these, and, together with her new goggles, they helped Eve to forget about her fears of getting splashed with water. With two adults, we even got the chance to steal away to the full sized pool each and do a few lengths for a little exercise. It’s been ages since I went swimming, and I really enjoyed it. It’s such a great alternative to the running and cycling that I try to fit into my life. Less pressure on my joints for one thing. I felt especially confident re-entering the pool, as I had a brand new swimming costume to try out, courtesy of  Simply Swim. The company have a huge range of costumes to suit everyone from mums like me who want something suitable for swimming the occasional few lengths, right up to seriously competitive swimmers and triathletes. They also have large ranges of costumes for children, men and lots of accessories too. The costume I chose is part of the Speedo Sculpture range, with low cut legs, extra thick material, a control panel over the stomach area and a discreet logo. Perfect. I really like being able to order and buy things like swimming costumes online, as it completely removes the paranoia of trying them on in store fitting rooms. Trying things on in the comfort and privacy of my own home is far preferable! From making my choice to the costume arriving took merely a few days, and it was packaged so that it could be posted through my letter box – no having to wait in for a courier service, or having to make the trip to the sorting office, which was an added bonus.

I’m really pleased to say that the family swimming session went so well. We’re going to keep going regularly, so that Eve is confident enough to join her class in their weekly swimming lesson when she moves up a year in September. I’m also going to sort out a few one-to-one lessons for her to build up her confidence. Ben, who is only three, basically thinks he’s Michael Phelps, so the main issue with him is making sure he doesn’t get out of his depth. Swimming is such an important skill, so I’m really pleased that the kids want to learn – not to mention that we’re having lots of fun together as a family too.

My swimming costume was sent to me for review by Simply Swim.