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September 3, 2011

Burghley Horse Trials and equestrian influence in fashion.

I spent the day at Burghley International Three Day Event yesterday. This, one of only a handful of four star three day events across the world, is even more influential this year as it forms part of the run up to the London 2012 Olympics for many of the competitors. I will be watching with interest, after Great Britain’s rather disappointing finish at the European Championships in Germany. Having said that, many teams would be thrilled with bronze – we have such high expectations of them after so many years of gold!

Horses have long been a passion of mine, and for many years I basically lived in jodhpurs. Of course, equestrian influences of a rather more elegant nature have long been part of fashion history, particularly with British brands such as Burberry, Paul Smith, and one of my favourites, the sadly lost Luella, but also further afield. After all the Gucci horse-bit is an iconic image of their brand and only a few seasons ago Dolce and Gabbana were influenced by none other than HM Queen Elizabeth in a collection of heritage pieces with silk headscarves. Even in this AW11 season, despite there not being as many overtly equestrian influences making their way along the catwalks, the heritage theme features strongly.

Everything you see here is available to buy from Net A Porter and thank you to them for the beautiful images.

Stella McCartney Cape

Burberry Brit Jeans

Esquivel Boots

Chloe blouse

Gucci Belt

A.P.C. wool tweed jacket

As well as the obvious country tweed hacking jacket and jodhpurs (the J Brand version of which already have a waiting list) I have been inspired by less overt influences from dressage. Elegant black jackets and high necked shirts form the backdrop to this look.

Boy by Band of Outsiders blazer

Yves Saint Laurent necktie blouse

Alexander McQueen draped silk-georgette blouse

Tory Burch silk-georgette blouse

Stella McCartney wool blazer

Whilst being completely on-trend for this AW11, all of these pieces have a beautiful classic quality meaning they would earn their place as a ‘forever’ piece in any wardrobe.

August 22, 2011

35:35 Challenge update

I thought I’d just add a quick Challenge update here. Although I’ve not been writing a lot about it, I have been working hard on the Challenge.

On 10th September, I will be climbing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks; 26 miles of walking, with three significant climbs ( they’re not quite mountains, but challenging enough!) within 12 hours. I’ll be doing this to raise money for Bliss, the premature baby charity and will add a JustGiving link from this site in case anyone would like to support us.

In October comes Cycletta, a 40km women only bike ride around Tatton Park on the outskirts of Manchester. This is going to be particularly challenging for me, as it’s only recently that I’ve got back on a bike since a stupid childhood accident put me in hospital and put me off the bike for good. When I was younger, I used to ride my bike all the time. One particular day, I was riding down along, steep and gravelled hill from a family friend’s farm. The sun was shining, the wind was in my hair (no helmet in the eighties!) and riding downhill felt like I was flying. So, (and here comes the stupid part) to make it feel even more like I was flying;

I closed my eyes…

As you can imagine, moments later, I hit a massive rock in the middle of the road and shot off the side of the bike, into a ditch. Not my brightest moment, and until recently, the last time I rode a bike. So, Cycletta is a big challenge.

Following these two physical challenges come a few different ones. I am signing up for both a falconry session and a silversmithing course. Fashion  has long been important to me, and I have decided it’s time to make more of a practical leap, so silversmithing, and then some other fashion related course  may follow.

Along with carriage driving, which is something I’d love to try. Horses are a long term love. In fact my degree is a BSc Hons in Equine Science and Management ( which, as you can imagine, is terribly useful in the wider job market but still remains a highlight of my life) but riding is a source of frustration as my personality means I don’t ever want to devote the amount of time to one subject that it would truly take to become as accomplished as I’d like.

I’ve decided that my final undertaking, and a fitting end to the Challenge will be the flying. Previously, I asked which method of flying I should try and the result of the poll was hot air ballooning. So, I’ll be doing that next May or June as a final flourish to the year and hopefully as number 35 in my Challenge list!