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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

It’s finally Halloween, though it feels as though we’ve been celebrating it here for about a fortnight already. The kids have been dressed up at every available opportunity and we’ve already celebrated at school, at the local sweet shop and on Primrose Valley with crafts from Wyke Beck Valley Pride, an environmental project happening locally.

But now is the day itself. Happily, we managed to grow a pumpkin to carve this year. It was supposed to be Atlantic Giant, the large orange ubiquitous pumpkin. Clearly, it is not orange. It’s not round either, but that might be because we rested it on something to keep it away from slug damage. I cannot decide if it looks like this because we did something wrong or if it was a rogue seed from a different pumpkin variety that found its way into the packet. Either way, it is suitably scary, and with a bit of imagination from my daughter and carving from my husband, it now looks like this…

I will be dressing as a Mexican sugar skull for our family party, so if you want to see what I look like,  follow my Instagram feed, because it’s sure to show up! I’m Margotbarbara on there too. If you’re celebrating Halloween, I hope you have a great time. If you’re not celebrating, I also wish you a lovely evening, and hope you’re not disturbed by pesky trick-or-treaters…

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

When you live with small children, Halloween is basically one long sugar-fest, interspersed with a bit of craft and dressing up. May I present a selection of this year’s offerings…

Bats in the kitchen…

Spider in the sitting room..

…and a pumpkin in the garden!

If, after consuming too much sugar (in the form of stolen Haribo from the kids) you fancy a something a little more grown up for Halloween, then may I direct you to the writing of G H MacDonald.

A collection of Victorian, gothic and ghost stories, this writing is truly ‘forget-to-breathe-until-I-get-to-the-end’ stuff. I particularly love the Parisian story  ‘The Red Men’ which is stunning. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this work as much as I do.

Happy Halloween everyone!