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February 1, 2012

Three Square Foot of Garden.

On Sunday we ventured to the allotment for a short while and spent the time creating a small raised bed for each of the kids to have as their own space. They’re roughly three foot square each, based on the amazing kitchen garden at RHS Harlow Carr which is one of my favourite places to draw inspiration from. I wanted the kids to both have a decent piece of the plot so that they can grow something of their own. It has to be said that one of the plots will probably just end up being used to drive toy tractors on, but Eve has already decided that she wants flowers, strawberries and carrots on hers!

Remembering my rules for allotment gardening with the kids meant that everyone had a lovely time, although Ben did get cold quite quickly so we came home after about an hour. I could have stayed out a lot longer, so I had to remind myself that allotment gardening is a marathon, not a sprint!