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January 16, 2014

REN Rose Otto Bath Oil

Like many of you, I was given beauty products as Christmas gifts. Luckily for me, the people who bought them know my taste and so there’s nothing that I don’t love.

REN Rose Otto bath oil tops my list of the best beauty gifts ever. (Thank you to my lovely boyfriend!) The smell is incredible, and because it’s an oil, it moisturises so well that there’s no need for any additional post-bath moisturiser. REN make wonderful products, without many of the nasties such as parabens, sulfates or mineral oils. The base oil for this product is sesame, and the fragrance is based on the Rose Otto and Palmarosa oils it contains. I’ve been feeling ill for a week now, and bathing in this oil has helped relax and soothe my poor body like nothing else.  The bottle is glass, so can be recycled, although I tend to keep mine and reuse them as tiny posy vases.

As you might imagine, I’ve been using this oil quite a lot since Christmas. In fact, I’m about a third of the way down the bottle already. Many Christmas beauty and fragrance gifts will now be still unopened, as people wait for special occasions to use them. My advice to you? Open the packaging and use the products. Be lavish! My mother is notorious for keeping special beauty and fragrance products for ‘best’ – and so many times the products have spoiled before she’s even had the chance to use them. Shelf lives for ingredients are not indefinite, especially when it comes to natural ingredients like essential oils. They need to be stored appropriately and used within a certain time.

And, the best day of your life is today. It’s the only day of your life. What’s already gone is history and who knows what the future holds. So, open your special beauty products and enjoy them today. And while I’m on the subject, wear your favourite clothes too. Put your best shoes on to do the school run. Wear your favourite dress to the cinema. Or just to potter around the house. If your favourite things make you happy, you should make today a great day and use them…

REN Rose Otto Bath Oil (image from REN)

REN Rose Otto Bath Oil (image from REN)

December 2, 2013

REN Rosa Centifolia review

I’ve been a fan of REN for a long time. Their famous Rose Otto bath is my favourite bathing treat of all time. I love the combination of the clean, simple packaging and high-tech, yet natural formulas. They’re also free from synthetics, mineral oils, sulphates. And, probably the most important thing, on a day to day basis, they just feel great to use and I’ve never never had a bad reaction from any of their products.

I’ve worked my way through a few of their facial products, but this summer they’ve introduced two new ranges, and I was keen to try some products from the Rosa Centifolia range. Luckily, the way they’ve decided to show the world these new products is by attaching samples of them to the cover of magazines. (Red, earlier this year and InStyle’s October edition) and so I decided to buy the magazines purely for the products. That might sound odd, but given that the products are worth more than the magazines, and I was pretty sure that they’d be great, I decided that it was a good idea. And, of course, with my long battle with a magazine addiction, clearly I was going to, wasn’t I? But I bet I’m not the only person who buys magazines purely for the beauty freebies – it’s genuinely how I’ve got my last three mascaras…

REN skincare

REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel: This was initially from a sample on the cover of Red, but I liked it so much, I bought a full sized version. I like to use a wash off cleanser at the start of the day to wake me up properly and this one is gentle, with the beautiful fragrance of rose. It doesn’t foam up, doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tight and is a great product.

REN Vita Mineral Day Cream: This is a lovely, simple day moisturiser. I’ve used the sample up, but I’m not going to buy a full sized version, as I’m  likely to replace it with something a bit more luxurious (I’m old, you see, I need something for my wrinkles!) but if you’re looking for a nice, every day moisturiser, this could well be it.

REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water: I bought this product to use at the end of the day, and I love how clean my skin feels once I’ve used this product, with the cotton wool pads clearly showing the grime that’s been removed! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work terribly well on waterproof eye make up, so I need to find something else to remove that. (Incidentally, I recently bought Boots Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Make Up Remover to do that job. It makes my eyes really sting. I should have guessed from the warning not to get it in your eyes. Of all the products I use, eye make up remover really is the one that’s likely to get in my eyes, isn’t it!) Micellar waters have been really popular in Europe for years but we only seem to be seeing them more recently in the UK. I really like how simple they feel to use, literally like using just water, and I’ll buy one again. Though there are a few others that I’d like to try, this REN one is really nice.

REN ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Clarity Serum. I struggle a bit with the fact that my skin is dehydrated yet I have breakouts and blemishes. This product helps deal with the dehydration whilst also helping to reduce any spots I might have. It’s really simple to use, morning and evening on cleansed skin and is relatively frangrance-free. Unlike many spot clearing type products, it’s not astringent, as it’s adding moisture rather than removing it, and I absolutely love it. I’ll definitely be replacing this one once I’ve used it all up.

So, all the new REN products I’ve been using are firmly recommended. I’m going to try a night cream next, so if there’s one from the range that you recommend, do let me know!

Do you use any REN products? Are there any you’d recommend?  And do you buy magazines because of beauty freebies? Or is that just me…

October 29, 2012

Anya Hindmarch for British Airways: A Little Luxury.

Have you ever turned left on entering a plane? I haven’t. Not for me the luxuries of First Class, sadly. It has to be said that I’ve not been on a long-haul flight (the only time I think upgrades are really worth it) since 2006, when I flew to New York. I was in the second trimester of pregnancy and so spent the entire flight either walking around to stave off the threat of DVT or going to the loo. Given that, a First Class ticket would have been something of a waste of money!

Luckily for me, I do know people who turn left on entering the plane, and not only are they fortunate, they’re also kind enough to share their goodies with me. Now that I’m in the throes of saving up, I’m trying very hard not to spend money on luxury things, but I do love a bit of luxury (and who doesn’t?) so this really does help make up for my economising.

If you travel First Class with British Airways you are fortunate enough to receive a lovely Anya Hindmarch bag, filled with REN skincare goodies. REN skincare is a great brand and creator of my favourite Rose Otto bath oil. Inside this kit, which is structured like a little framed doctor bag and utterly lovely, is everything you could need to emerge after a long haul flight feeling as fresh as a daisy. Well, nearly… I’m sure the flat beds in First Class help with that too! Alongside the all-important sleep mask and ear plugs, you get the following things: Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel, Vita-Mineral Day Cream, Neroli and Grapefruit Hand & Body Cream, Biominetic Lip Balm (all by REN) and a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. So very lovely.

Now, I don’t have any long distance travel plans in the near future, but I am going away to Whitby for a couple of days in November to stay in the fabulous looking Bensons Townhouse, which was all booked and sorted before I made my decision to save up for a bigger trip! I’ll be taking this perfect little travel bag of luxury with me and will very much enjoy a brief interlude from my economising…

October 7, 2011

Home Spa.

Now I don’t have training to do for any physical challenges, it’s safe to say that I have slowed down a bit and haven’t made it to the gym as often as I should. I’m also trying pretty hard to deal with my sugar addiction.  No more full sugar coke and Danish pastries for me for a while – at least until I sign up for another challenge. Then I’ll give myself licence to eat a bit more!

What I tend to do when I’m trying to avoid food, is turn to the bathroom. Indulging in lotions, potions and other lovely things stops me from putting my hand in the biscuit jar too often – it’s pretty hard to eat and paint your nails (using my new NARS polish in Orgasm) at the same time! Plus, it makes it easier to eat better if you feel as though you’re looking after yourself on the outside too.

So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite products with you. We all like a nosy around each others bathroom cabinets to see what other people are using, so here’s my ‘I’m on a Diet’ Spa Evening…

All the ingredients for a great spa evening…

The first thing I do is light some candles (preferably from Jo Malone, The White Company or Dyptique) and  run a bath, adding REN Rose Otto bath oil. A classic, this foamless oil has the best  Moroccan rose essential oil scent ever, so it’s truly relaxing and moisturises your skin beautifully. I leave the bath to cool a little while going through the rest of my home spa routine.

I have a quick shower, using Lush’s ‘Rub, Rub, Rub’ salt scrub. It’s bright blue with a floral scent, and most importantly, it does a great job of tackling the bumps (keratosis pilaris) on the upper arms.

Then once I’m out of the shower, it’s onto a facial. My cleanser of choice is Eve Lom. The slightly medicinal and eucalyptus smell (always reminds me of horse hoof oil), takes a while to get used to, but I do love it now. Partly though, it’s because I know how well the product works. I massage it into my dampened skin and leave it on for a while before using the provided muslin cloth to take it off again. It cleans, exfoliates, decongests and soothes. I cannot cope without it now, and notice a real difference to my skin when I run out!

For my Spa Evening, I often exfoliate as well as use the Eve Lom muslin cloth. A recent discovery is Dr Brandt’s Microdermabrasion exfoliating cream, which I apply onto damp skin and massage gently round the face, especially the t-zone. It has a lovely lemon-y scent and really fine grains, making it really gentle but effective.

After relaxing in the bath, I’ll then apply a facial serum, often Caudalie’s Vinoperfect radiance serum. Serums make all the difference to a daily skin-care routine, adding so much more than just a moisturiser, especially now I’m in my mid-thirties. My skin isn’t too bad, but I am noticing more issues, so I want to try and deal with them without resorting to extreme measures. Having said that, I have started doing that thing of looking in the mirror and stretching my skin back with my hands to see what I might look like after a face lift! Oh dear…

As an aside, my favourite moisturiser at the moment is also by Caudalie – Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid. A moisturiser that tackles imperfections, pigmentation, texture, and radiance – basically all the problems I have at the moment!

If my skin is really congested I do also love to use Darphin’s Aromatic Purifying Balm. With twelve different essential oils, it smells amazing and I use it over cleansed skin at night.

The REN Rose Otto bath oil removes the need for a body moisturiser after the bath. So, it’s straight into clean pyjamas and having a warm drink, before going virtuously to bed…