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August 14, 2011

High Heels and Glitter

I am sitting here, surrounded by the September issues; the heavyweight glossy magazines marking the move into Autumn, which for the fashion industry are the most important issues of the year. Which is probably why they’d do for a weightlifting session, such is their combined size.

Although I do enjoy the summer for many things, when it comes to clothing, the Autumn/Winter collections are more my kind of thing. These are not the fripperies of summer, floral dresses and sandals. This is grown up dressing. Long wool coats, suiting, boots, structured handbags that you buy to last a lifetime. More expensive, yes, but ideally, made to last you a long time. Although it has to be said that I don’t ¬†own enough clothes to be able to put many things away at the end of a season, (generally the movement to Autumn is marked by the adding of a layer on top of what I’m already wearing) there is something rather pleasant about the idea of buying something that you will cherish for a long while.

For me, that generally means accessories. Last year I bought a pair of Pedro Garcia ‘Piper’ shoeboots, which I have loved and worn lots.

I love Pedro Garcia shoes. The Spanish company is owned and run by the third generation of the Garcia family and prides itself on great craftsmanship alongside beautiful design. Although these have a slight platform, they are genuinely comfortable to wear, and I’ve successfully paired them with lots of different outfits.

One of the highlights for me from the A/W collections has been the shift in proportion in the shoes. For the past few years, apart from obvious exceptions such as the perennial gladiator sandal, we have seen ever more complicated, higher and architectural creations. Although beautiful to look at, they were getting to the point where it was impossible to see anyone, with the notable exceptions of Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga, actually being able to wear them. There is nothing that reduces the appeal of a beautiful pair of shoes than watching someone fail to walk in them. We develop all kinds of odd stances, uncomfortable gaits and wobbles, thus reducing any sex appeal down to a comedy moment waiting to happen.

Plus, and this is an absolute essential for me, they are impossible to be late in. I am always late. Which means I am always doing a kind of little jog-like walk, as I rush to a work meeting, to catch a train or to school. So, I need a pair of shoes that I can wear when I’m running late. I can cope with a heel, as long as this means more of a classic stiletto heel, which this season are in abundance. After a bit of a search, I think I’ve found the perfect pair.

Pedro Garcia Xio glitter heeled pumps.

Again by Pedro Garcia, these are the Xio glitter pumps (available from The great simple shape is a lovely contrast to the Dorothy-esque sparkle and, given that most of my winter clothes are varying shades of black, they would be just the thing to lift both my outfit and my spirits. After all, who can be glum in glittery shoes?