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January 23, 2014

Five gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

In a couple of weeks it will be Valentine’s Day.  A day with a murky history involving the Roman feast of Lupercalia, a few executions and those pesky greetings card-makers getting us to spend our money — apparently it’s the second largest card giving day of the year after Christmas. However, even though I haven’t received a Valentine’s Day gift since a boy at school gave me a pack of Parma Violets (cue sad violin music) I’m not going to let that stop me from feeling optimistic about a day dedicated to love. 

For those of you looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day — or any day in which you might choose to declare your love through the medium of presents!—here are a few ideas.

One: Tattly tattoos.

Ok, so your idea of romance may not include a new tattoo (though I know a good number of people for whom a new tattoo definitely falls into ‘great gift’ territory) but these ones won’t hang around for long. Perfect for a new romance? And these pink hearts from Bekka Palmer at Tattly are glittery

Tattly sparkly heart tattoo

Image: Tattly

Two: David Austin roses.

Ah, roses. Ubiquitous on Valentine’s Day. If you’re going to buy roses, get them right. And the ones from David Austin are expensive but utterly glorious.

Three: A beautiful edition of a favourite book

For me, there’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ more than a special edition of a favourite book. Partly because books are the key to my heart but also because if someone takes the time to know what your favourite book is, they’re really rather special. For me, that would be ‘I Capture The Castle’ or a first edition Ruby Ferguson ‘Jill’ book, to help me complete my collection. The clothbound editions of classics from Penguin are also gorgeous.  I’ve chosen my favourite Austen novel, but the collection ranges from Emma to Dracula and Dante’s Inferno if you want to make some kind of point about a relationship!


Image: Penguin

 Four: The Nutter

I’ll admit, this list is getting very personal, because I’m assuming that you might have someone in your life who cycles. And if you do, then this would make them very happy indeed. The Nutter is a cycling multi-tool from Full Windsor (crowd-funded through Kickstarter, incidentally) presented in gorgeous leather roll. It’s both beautiful and useful.  I’d love one…and then I’d love someone to teach me how to use it!

The Nutter

Image: Full Windsor

Five: Time

The gift of time together is something that money cannot buy. A special date night, a long Sunday afternoon walk, a night at the cinema or cooking dinner with a glass of wine. Put aside your phone, switch off the TV and spend some quality time together. Perfect.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, however you choose to spend it.

August 2, 2013


It’s summer holiday time and I’ve been planning lots of fun things to do with my kids. Recently, having discovered it was celebrating its second birthday with a 50% off sale, I got carried away on the Tattly website and so we’re going to spend the summer covered in fake tattoos.

I remember when temporary tattoos were things that used to be included in the wrapping of mysterious tasting bubble gum. Remember that stuff? Tasted a bit like Germolene. Horrible and yet oddly nostalgic. And the tattoos themselves were awful.

However, Tattlys are so utterly brilliant,  I’ve felt the need to try them out myself before letting the kids loose on them. And I bought a couple specifically for me … well, why not? The company was founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka Swissmiss, who realised that all the temporary tattoos that her daughter wanted to  wear were rubbish and so decided to create some better ones. What a great business story – I love start-up stories like this!


Me (on the train) with a mini rainbow Tattly!

I chose the watch collection, the rainbow collection, and some polaroid cameras. But in all honesty, I could have carried on and on, because the designs are just awesome. The designs are really varied, mostly bright and colourful (and there are some that are just simple black text) and loads of fun. We’ve tried a watch and one of the rainbows so far and they were really easy to apply, and stayed on the skin for a good few days before gradually wearing away. Expect to see more blog posts and Instagram photos of us wearing them, because I love them and I know that my kids will too!