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September 11, 2013

Three Good Things: Week 8

Hello and welcome to week 8 of Three Good Things! Can’t quite believe I’ve been doing this series of posts for two months already. It’s a very enjoyable process though, and is definitely helping me to appreciate all the little things in my life that add up to happiness.

The most important good thing to happen this week was my children happily going back to school. In the case of my little boy, for the very first time. Although I had a bit of a weep because it only seems like yesterday that he was born, he was very excited to be joining his big sister and so, instead of bemoaning the fact that he’s not a baby any more, I am celebrating the next chapter in our life. After all, they’ll always be my babies really…

However, Three Good Things is about the little things in life, and so here’s this weeks edition.

One: Letter Twenty.

First in my list this week is Letter Twenty, a new blog about tea that I’m writing in collaboration with the wonderful Dave Graham. I’m starting a weekly recipe post there after this week, so please do go and have a read. Now that I’ve worked out how to incorporate this into my weekly schedule, it’s feeling like a very optimistic addition to my world and I have great hopes for it. After all, tea is one of my life-long good things!

Tea. Vital to my existence and now a new blog!

Tea. Vital to my existence and now a new blog!

Two: ‘About Time’ at the Tyneside Cinema.

I’ve been going to the cinema a lot more recently ( thanks to my film-loving boyfriend), in particular to the lovely Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, which, in a very civilised fashion, serves beer as well as popcorn in rather more stylish surroundings than the local multiplex. This week I saw the new Richard Curtis film ‘About Time’ and I loved it. Yes, the sci-fi is wonky and won’t stand up to any real scrutiny, but then science fiction always seems able to explain away any questions you ask of it anyway, and in this case it really doesn’t matter.

What you’re looking for with a Richard Curtis film is rather posh, upper-middle-class people in a bit of a relationship tangle, some laughter and a few bitter-sweet or weepy moments. And with this film you get that in spades. Not to mention the most beautiful sprawling coastal country home I think I’ve ever seen. The characters are well created and empathetic and the central father-son relationship is very well done. I really enjoyed it, so it’s definitely a good thing for this week.

You can see the trailer on YouTube here, but be warned, it seems to contain most of the film!

Three: Being the Tooth Fairy.

This week my daughter lost her second tooth. She’s one of the last in her class to lose teeth and so is very excited about it. Last night, armed with a bit of glitter, I was the Tooth Fairy. I love her belief in the Tooth Fairy. And the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas, come to think of it. It’s just such a magical thing in a world of grey seriousness. Father Christmas doesn’t appear to have any kind of budget, being magical and all, which is a bit of a problem. I’m still working on that, and preparing the kids not to expect everything they’re mentioning. But, thankfully the Tooth Fairy just brings a pound. And some fairy dust, obviously…

Over at Leeds&Me, Isobel shares her Three Good Things for this week.  I’m trying not to be jealous of her Elton tickets…

What are your good things this week?